Pigger Farrowing Box

The Pigger Farrowing Box has been designed and developed by Liprovit. The box is tailored for the farrowing rooms were it serves two farrowing pens at once. The Pigger farrowing box is attached to the farrowing pen. Pigger Cream can be easily drained into a measuring cup or watering can and directly poured into the trough.

Pigger Farrowing Box instruction card

Pigger Farrowing Box instruction movie

The convenience of the Pigger Cream Farrowing Box

Feeding additional milk in the farrowing room is now very easy with the Pigger Farrowing Box.
By using the Pigger Farrowing Box, it is not needed to prepare the milk anymore and is the milk close to the piglets, which reduces walking distances. Pigger Cream Farrowing Box for high labour efficiency and homogenous piglets.