Prominend Super

Supports new-born calf vitality

Prominend Super is a calf milk that can be provided directly after colostrum when there is a high risk of infection. It contains immunoglobulins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Prominend Super ensures a safe digestion and the opportunity to provide concentrated milk.

Specific immunoglobulins support the young calf’s natural defence. The high content of skimmed milk boosts digestion for maximum growth. Prominend Super offers premium quality, resulting in maximum growth.

Prominend Top

An excellent successor to colostrum

A smooth transition from colostrum to calf milk. Prominend Top helps calf to make a great start. Containing only premium quality and highly palatable ingredients, Prominend Top is designed to meet the needs of your young calves. The milk can be provided twice daily or via an automatic feeder.

Prominend Top contains among other dairy ingredients, skim milk which is a highly palatable and easily digestible dairy-based ingredient. Healthy young calves have high growth potential which Prominend Top helps them achieve to their maximum.

Prominend Excellent

Unlimited feeding for a high growth for young calves

This milk replacer is easy digestible and supports a maximum rumen development. The combination of dairy protein and an acidulate mixture ensures maximum stimulation of the digestion, and so the milk can be provided restricted and unrestricted.

In addition to Prominend Excellent calves will start to consume dry feed at an early age. The composition of Prominend Excellent supports the dry feed intake.

Prominend Extra

Supports rumen development

This milk boasts good solubility and contains all the ingredients needed to ensure economic growth. Heat the milk to 45 degrees and then deliver warm. Prominend Extra contains dairy ingredients combined with high quality vegetable protein designed to stimulate roughage intake.

The availability of Prominend Extra must be restricted. This milk can be administered either manually or automatically.

Prominend Expert

Palatable milk that ensures economic calf rearing.

Fed at 45 degrees, Prominend Expert is perfect for manual feeding, and should be combined with a high-quality pellet feed.

  • Palatable milk.
  • Good solubility at 45 degrees
  • Improves roughage intake
  • Maximises economic rearing