Pigger Primo Extra

The flexible sow’s milk replacer

Pigger Primo Extra is a powder sows milk replacer produced with only food-grade dairy ingredients. This to facilitate maximum intake and the best possible digestion. Pigger Primo Extra can be applied as an additional milk for
suckling piglets, in case of early weaning or to support uneven litters. The great solubility and flexible inclusion enables easy application.

Pigger Power

For automatic feeding systems

Pigger Power is designed for automatic feeding
systems in the farrowing period. It is a food grade milk powder combined with processed cereals and plant proteins to ensure a smooth transition from sows milk to solid feed. Pigger Power stimulates the intestinal enzyme activity causing a better feed digestion. Thereby feed intake and nutrient utilization will be improved to ensure an optimal animal performance. Due to the good solubility a homogenous porridge will be formed to make sure that in all troughs or cups the same dry matter content and nutrient composition is offered while sediment is limited.