Prominend Muesli

Maximum growth performance

Prominend Muesli is an excellent quality dry feed
based on high-grade ingredients which meet the
nutritional requirements of the newly weaned
calf. Some Promined milk is added to the muesli
to ensure the same smell and taste perception as
Prominend Elite or Activator, which encourages
calves to eat. In addition, the high protein quality
is largely responsible for promoting digestibility
and provides the calves with the extra nutrients
they need, resulting in vital calves with high
growth performance.

The muesli is fed ad libitum in addition to the milk
and after the milk period. The muesli needs to be fed for at least four weeks before switching to another
supplementary feed.

Prominend Concentrate

Stimulates continuous growth

Prominend Concentrate is a high quality
pallet feed. Their excellent taste stimulates
good feed intake with a high growth as
a result. Prominend Concentrate can be
provided before weaning to prevent any dip in
performance. Prominend Concentrate can be
provided in addition to your own ground feed.

Prominend Concentrate can be provided in
an unlimited amount pre-weaning to achieve
gradual growth. Prominend Concentrate can be
complemented with ground feed.