Innovative Pigger Feeder

The Pigger Feeder has been designed and developed by Liprovit. The feeder is tailored for the farrowing rooms were it serves two farrowing pens at once. The Pigger Feeder consists of a liquid feed container and a dry feed container. The Pigger liquid product is easy to administer via the feeder by simply suspending the plastic bag in the container. One liquid bag is sufficient for the entire suckling period. The transition to dry feed is simple to implement, because dry feed can be added next to the liquid feed as desired, using the same feed system. The piglets eat from the liquid feed as well as the dry feed, with both feeds blending into a smooth substance which is easy for the piglets to eat.

Pigger Feeder instruction card

Pigger Feeder instruction movie

2/40 multi suckling system through the Pigger Feeder

Due to the 2/40 multi suckling system, super numerous piglets can be reared with the sow.
It is very beneficial because a maximum number of piglets can be reared at the sow and less litters are mixed. Also, less foster sows are needed which increases the farrowing rate.