Family-run Liprovit is an independent company within the Fuite group, and a specialist in the development and production of high quality dairy-based calf and piglet nutrition delivered in a liquid format. Our advanced and sustainable products, applications and production technologies are progressive and unique in the industry. This makes us the partner for modern and innovative farmers in the international agri-business. Our dedicated employees have years of experience in the animal feed industry and, together with local partners, they guarantee the right solution for different needs such as reducing labour, optimum growth performance and maximum efficiency.


High-tech production technology

The advanced production technology, involving ultra-high temperature treatment (UHT),  ensures that the liquid product has an exceptional long shelf life of 12 months unopened  and eight weeks opened. In addition, this process maintains the protein quality of the dairy ingredients, which improves digestibility and solubility. This technology has so far been restricted to the baby food industry and so marks a new progression for the animal feed industry. Furthermore, this highly sustainable high-tech production process saves energy in comparison with the traditional drying process.

Shelf life
Shelf life 12 months
Product quality
Product quality High protein quality Less sediment
Sustainability No drying energy

UHT milk – Uniquely delivered as a liquid

The liquid Prominend and Pigger products are a palatable UHT milk – uniquely delivered as a liquid – and based on food-grade dairy ingredients to ensure the highest protein quality and thus a highly digestible product. In addition, it provides the animals with the enriched nutrition they need, resulting in vital animals with a high growth rate. The product has an exceptionally long shelf life of 12 months unopened and eight weeks opened. In addition to liquid feed, the portfolio includes high quality dry feeds.


Liprovit is committed to providing first-class products. An essential part of quality assurance is checking the incoming and outgoing products. Therefore our laboratory meets the highest standards and has the most modern equipment. Additionally, Liprovit works with certified suppliers to ensure continuity and reliability. Due to the traceable origin of the raw materials, Liprovit can
guarantee high quality products that make a difference. In our high-tech factory hygiene aspects of the food sector are maintained. To ensure quality and food safety Liprovit is GMP+, Feed Secure and QS certified.