Prominend Colostrum

Supplementary feed to replace or enrich colostrum

To give them an excellent start, calves need sufficient good quality colostrum. Promined colostrum supports natural colostrum to prove calves with the immunity they need.

To make up for colostrum defi ciency or supplement low quality colostrum. It contains immunoglobins of dairy colostrum (IBR-free) and special egg powder rich in antobodies, plus lactic acid to stabilize the intestinal flora.

Prominend Dieet

Supports digestion

Used to normalize the intestinal function in the event of intestinal disorders (diarrhoea). Use in suboptimal conditions e.g. feed changes, housing/rehousing. Also reduces risk during periods of recovery from digestive

Used to treat mild diarrhoea and prevent diarrhoea. Mix Prominend Dieet into the calf milk. Provide Prominend Dieet for 2-3 days, and always off er Prominend Electrolyte between milk feeds.

Prominend Electrolyte

Stabilizes water and electrolyte balance

Prevents dehydration and stabilizes
the electrolyte balance. Added vitamins
contribute to immunity, viability and vitality.
Very palatable and easy soluble.

Prominend Electrolyte must be provided in
water between the milk feedings (in case of
dehydration) or instead of milk feeds in the
event of diarrhoea. It can also be provided in
stress situations.