Prominend applications

The success of the Prominend concept is determined by the combination of the product and right application. See below the applications for the Prominend liquid products.

Application Size Where Comment
Prominend bucket Prominend bucket Single pen For mixing 10 litre
Milk bucket Milk bucket Single pen 8 liter
Calf barrel Calf barrel Group pen 25 liter
60 liter
Maxi calf barrel Maxi calf barrel Group pen 120 liter
Prominend Big Box Prominend Big Box 250 kg
625 kg
1.250 kg
Centrally located Automatic

Prominend bucket

The milk is very simple to prepare knowing that the Prominend Elite and Activator always will be diluted by a factor : 1/3 Prominend to 2/3 water for 10 liter milk. Measuring the amount of water and milk with the Prominend bucket reduces the risk of procedural errors. Just fill the bucket with water up to the water line and add the milk up to the Prominend line.

Milk bucket

Suitable to feed one calf at the time. Available in 8 liter.

Calf barrel

Suitable to feed several calves at the same time. Available in 25 liter and 60 liter.

Maxi calf barrel

Suitable to feed several calves at the same time. Available in 120 liter.

Prominend Big Box

For the enlarging farms it is advisable to make use of the Prominend Big Box as it is more cost efficient. The Prominend Big Box can be located centrally and be used for automatic feeding systems or manually.
Prominend Big Box Instruction Card
Prominend Big Box Instruction Movie