Pigger Peak

Safeguards peak performance during weaning period

Pigger Peak is an excellent quality dry feed based on high levels of food-grade dairy ingredients to ensurethe same taste perception as Pigger Cream. This encourages piglets to eat and reduces feed refusal. In addition, the high protein quality is very effective in promoting digestibility and provides the piglets with the enriched nutrition they need before and during weaning, resulting in vital piglets with peak growth performance.

Pigger Peak features
  • Same smell and taste by Pigger Cream inclusion
  • High protein quality
  • Selection of highly digestible ingredients
Pigger Peak Benefits
  • Smooth transition to solid feed
  • Reduce feed refusal
  • Peak growth performance

Pigger Provenient

Steady growth after weaning

Pigger Provenient is a good quality dry feed based on medium levels of food-grade dairy ingredients to ensure the same taste perception as Pigger Cream. Pigger Provenient provides a steady transition from pre-weaning to the grower period. It supports the development of the gastro-intestinal tract, resulting in high feed intake and more piglets eating.

Pigger Provenient features
  • Similar smell/taste by Pigger Cream inclusion
  • With specific fibres
  • Selected carbohydrates
Pigger Provenient benefits
  • Steady transition to the grower period
  • Avoids post-weaning dip
  • Gradual post-weaning feed intake

Pigger Plug

Enables a smooth transition from Pigger feeds to local feeds

Pigger Plug is a concentrate to produce local piglet’s feeds and is a good continuation of the Pigger programme as the same additives are included which stimulates further growth. Furthermore, it ensures a consistent smell and taste perception for a smooth transition from the Pigger portfolio to local feeds.

Pigger Plug features
  • Consistent smell and taste
  • Same additives as in Pigger portfolio
  • Fixed inclusion in local produced piglet feed
Pigger Plug benefits
  • Prolongs the Pigger portfolio in further growth
  • Encourages feed intake
  • Stimulates further growth

Pigger feeding programme

Piglets’ nutritional needs differ according to their life stage, and transition to the next stage should be supported. Pigger feeds thus have the same taste perception, which encourages piglets to eat gradually. The higher pre-weaning feed intake supports piglets to consume better post-weaning. Due to the pre-weaning feed intake, the intestines are prepared for feed digestion, so that piglets can digest solid feed better post-weaning which avoids fasting.